About The Abalone Farm

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an exclusive gourmet seafood dish, California Red Abalone. Ocean Rose Abalone Steaks from The Abalone Farm are perfect served as an hors d’oeuvre or appetizer at your next party or as an entrée for a romantic dinner for two. Pair your abalone dinner with other fresh seafood and wine from one of our Distributors.

Are you concerned that you will be making a healthy, sustainable, and ocean-friendly seafood choice by choosing Ocean Rose California Red Abalone? The Abalone Farm is a proud participant in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Seafood Watch makes seafood recommendations for consumers so that you can make better, environmentally friendly choices at your favorite restaurant or local market. To download the most current version of the Seafood Watch wallet guide, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium website at: www.montereybayaquarium.org.

In addition; Seafood Choices Alliance is a nonprofit trade association that unites a growing number of leading voices from the seafood industry, enabling them to expand seafood choices they offer while ensuring a healthy ocean. The Abalone Farm is listed as one of many environmentally smart choices. Click here to find your smart choice for other seafood products.

Interested in seeing everything that goes into growing abalone? Click here to check status updates on our Facebook page for a glimpse into the sustainable aquaculture environment we’ve developed for our abalone.

Recipe DVD ‘Abalone – Gourmet Essence of the Sea’. All you need to know about purchasing and preparing abalone with seven recipe videos and suggested wine parings. After touring the Abalone Farm, you’ll travel to The Black Cat Bistro in Cambria where Brad Buckley, Manager at the Abalone Farm, and Deborah Scarborough, owner of the Black Cat, will walk you through detailed preparation of sumptuous abalone recipes anyone can prepare. Includes bonus features and iPod versions for use in the kitchen. Order the DVD today for $24.99 from Amazon by clicking here.

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Would you like to get a taste of what a California style bbq at the beach is like? See our farm on the Food Network series “BBQ With Bobby Flay”. Click Here for the air date of the episode ‘Smokin’ Seafood’.

The Abalone Farm is also seen on the Food Network series, ‘Will Work for Food’. Follow host Adam Gertler into a day in the life of an abalone farmer. From feeding abalone seaweed smoothies to harvesting, packaging and grilling; Adam develops a taste for this West Coast treat. Click here for information about this episode.

In an era of depleted oceans and endangered fisheries, noted marine expert and author James O. Fraioli introduces 50 delectable and ethical “Best Choice” seafoods that should be selected when dining out or cooking at home. Ocean Friendly Cuisine features abundant and well-managed species of fresh and saltwater fish, crustaceans and mollusks that can be eaten not only with a clean conscience but with culinary delight using 100 gloriously designed and photographed recipes from the world’s finest chefs, including Jacques Pepin and Emeril Lagasse. With enthusiasm for seafood cookery at an all-time high and overnight freight shrinking the globe, home cooks and professionals alike face an array of choices like never seen before. What are these fish? Where do they come from? How do I cook them? How and when are they harvested? Most importantly, are they overfished or in danger? Ocean Friendly Cuisine answers these questions and more, including which threatened fish to avoid. This timely and attractive book is endorsed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium whose highly-lauded “Seafood Watch” program continues to educate millions of consumers and chefs on choosing ethical seafood options.

The Abalone Kids exemplify our efforts to raise consciousness with regard to abalone and appreciation of its value. By searching the rugged “Lost Coast” of Northern California over many years for fragments of rare red abalone that washed ashore, and designing award winning jewelry which captured the interest of the Smithsonian Institution, they have given abalone a unique designation in art to wear jewelry in the world. Visit the web site at: www.abalonekids.com